First Steps with a Team Account

August 23, 2021

Team accounts on Routine Ops are a powerful tool to manage your whole team's to-do list in one place. Assign tasks to each individual in a role, or create shared tasks, that only have to be completed once.

If you haven't setup your team account on Routine Ops yet, checkout our Getting Started Guide.

How Routine Ops Assigns Tasks

Routine Ops assigns tasks to Roles, not individuals. While this can be a bit confusing at first, assigning tasks to roles instead of individuals is the key to a lot of Routine Ops' power:

  1. It allows you to quickly assign a Routine to a large group of people.
  2. It makes onboarding new teammates easy — simply assign them to a Role, and they will inherit all Routines assigned to the role.
  3. It makes losing great teammates a little bit easier — simply assign someone else to the Role, and they will inherit all the Routines that were previously assigned to your outgoing teammate.
  4. It allows you to create shared Routines — for tasks that need to be done by someone, but it doesn't matter who. For example, taking out the trash, or paying a company credit card.

Creating your first Roles

It's a good idea to create your roles first, so you can assign Users and Routines to the proper roles upon creation. Here are a few important facts about how Roles work:

  1. You can create unlimited roles.
  2. Individuals can be assigned to as many roles as you want.
  3. Upon being assigned to a role, a user will inherit all Routines from the role.
  4. Upon being un-assigned to a role, a user will no longer be assigned to the Routines that are assigned to the role.
  5. Roles can represent job titles, interest groups, sub-teams, departments, or anything else. Feel free to get creative with it!

To create your first roles, go to the Team tab in the sidebar, then select roles in the top left, next to Users. Click where it says "Type here to add a role" and begin typing the name of the role. Hit enter to create the role. You can create as many roles as you want!

Creating your first Routine

Routines represent recurring tasks that your team will be responsible for completing. You set the frequency settings and assign a Routine to a role, and Routine Ops will automatically create tasks due at the proper times and assign them to everyone in the selected Role.

To create your first Routine, first go to the Routines tab in the sidebar. Click on Add Routine in the top right corner to go to the Add Routine page.

Fill out the form with the following information:

  1. Routine Name - a short but descriptive name to describe the Routine, for example, "Feed the dogs"
  2. Routine Description - an optional, longer description of the task, for example, "2 cups a day in the morning"
  3. Role - select the role that this Routine will be assigned to
  4. Individual or Shared - Individual Routines create and assign a task to each member of the role. Shared Routines create a single task that can be completed by anyone in the role.
  5. Frequency - select how frequently this Task will be assigned to each member of the role.
  6. Other frequency related settings - choose the time or days the tasks will be assigned, etc.

Click Save, and you just created your first Routine!

Inviting your team

You will really begin to see the power of Routine Ops after you invite your team and begin assigning tasks by role. To invite a teammate:

  1. Click on Team in the sidebar.
  2. Click on the "Invite a user" button in the top right.
  3. Type in your teammate's email address.
  4. Select any roles you'd like to assign this teammate to — you can select as many as you want!
  5. Click Send Invitation.

Your teammate will now receive an invite via email to signup and join your team on Routine Ops! When they login the first time, they will automatically have all their tasks assigned to them, based on the roles you chose!