First Steps with an Individual Account

August 22, 2021

Individual accounts on Routine Ops are a great tool for managing personal tasks, chores, habits, and more. Easily create recurring tasks assigned to yourself, and track completion through an easy checklist interface.

If you haven't setup your Routine Ops account yet, checkout our Getting Started Guide.

Creating your first Routine

Routines are recurring tasks in Routine Ops. When you first create your individual account, you won't have any routines setup, so the first step to using Routine Ops is to create your first Routine.

  1. Click the Add Routine button to go to the Add Routine form.
  2. Fill out the name of your Routine - for example, "Feed the dogs".
  3. Add a description to the Routine if you need a place to add more detail.
  4. Select the frequency of the task — daily, weekly, etc. — depending on which you choose, other options may appear to customize when the Routine will be due.
  5. Fill out any remaining fields and click Save to create your first Routine!

The Routine you just made should now show up in your Routines list.

Viewing all your tasks

Creating a Routine will automatically create and assign a Task to you each time the Routine is due, based on the frequency settings you chose when creating the Routine. To view all tasks assigned to you, click on Tasks in the sidebar.

All the tasks assigned to you will show up here, in chronological order. Any past due tasks will be highlighted in red.

Completing your first task

To complete your first task, first complete the task in real life! To mark it as complete, simply click the checkbox to the left of the task, and it will be checked off and turn blue.