Getting Started Guide

August 22, 2021


Getting started with Routine Ops is quick and easy. This guide will take you through account creation and help you select a team or individual account, according to your needs.

Before you can join Routine Ops, you need to receive an invite either from an active Routine Ops team account, or by joining the waitlist and waiting for your invite.

Joining the Waitlist

Joining the waitlist is simple! Go to, enter your email address and select "Join waitlist."

Creating your account

Once you've received your invite, you are now able to signup for a Routine Ops account! Follow the link sent in the invite to begin creating your account. Provide your first and last name, the email address you joined the waitlist with, and create your new password.

Choosing an Individual or Team account

Individual accounts on Routine Ops are a great tool for managing your personal tasks. Individual accounts are free, but you can't invite any other users to work with you in Routine Ops, or assign tasks to anyone but yourself. For more information on getting started with an individual account, checkout our First Steps with an Individual Account Guide.

Team accounts are where the powerful features of Routine Ops really shine. Invite other people to join your team, and manage your team's to-do list with Routine Ops. Routine Ops Team accounts allow you to create roles and assign tasks to users by role. For more information on getting started with a team account, checkout our First Steps with a Team Account Guide.